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When can I change my estimated fee values?
Once you've entered and confirmed your estimated fee along with your probability values into the database, they're "fixed." In other words, you can't change them. The only exception to that rule is if you're making your edits outside of a current marketing period. Once you're in a marketing period, whatever dollar amounts you've confirmed - those are the ones that you'll be going with. So be sure that what you've entered represents the monetary goals you want in place.

When you first insert a client, you'll be prompted with an "Are you sure...?" warning. If you are, click on the, "yes" button. Otherwise, click on the "not sure" button at which point your client will be added to your list, but your estimated fees will be notated in red denoting the fact that you have yet to confirm your goals. You will need to confirm those goals before your marketing period begins. here to return to the complete list of helps